Storage Services

Need to de-clutter or store your possessions? Call Ryans Moving and Storage today and order a container on wheels, also known as a COW.  We will deliver it to you, and then all you have to do is load it with your possessions. Once you finish packing the container, we will pick up the COW and store it at our facility until you need your items. Our facility is protected by Sooner Security, so you can have peace of mind about storing your items with us. We also know that some of the items you store in the COW might be needed at one time or another, so come on by during our hours of operation, and we will be happy to help you get into your container to retrieve the items.

 COWs are great for:

  • De-cluttering a house when it is for sale
  • Storing items while remodeling your home or business
  • Storing seasonal items
  • Moving across town or across the country

Storage tips:

  1. Store the items that you will need to use often at the front of the container.
  2. Create a center aisle in the storage container so you are able to get to all your items.
  3. Never store perishables, liquids, fuels, toxic material, or animals in the container.
  4. Cover all mattresses.
  5. Place boxes on pallets to prevent moisture absorption.

Call us or fill out our storage inquiry form for more information about our Container on Wheels storage system.